How To Use The Trivet In Instant pot

When you first unpack your Instant Pot, you’ll discover a couple of additional products that feature it. Among those essential accessories is the trivet or the metal insert with collapsible has been developed to keep the ingredients out of the water.

While pressure cooking, it is necessary to use 1-2 cups of water for every single dish. However, you do not constantly desire it to combine with your food. Could you envision a soaked cheesecake? Gross. This is where the trivet is helpful, and no, it’s not just helpful for dessert! There’s a reason why it features in the Instant Pot.

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Using The Trivet in Instant Pot

Here are a few of our preferred methods to make use of the Instant Pot trivet that will influence you to cook more and step beyond package.

1. Cheesecakes and Other Baking Needs

Who wants a cheesecake with a soggy crust? No one! While the springform pan is the most crucial device for making the best dessert piece, a trivet is required for getting the ideal texture.

Unlike with the oven technique, you need water to cook anything in the Instant Pot. While the pan offers a barrier, a trivet keeps it raised and fully out of the water, allowing for even cooking throughout.

2. Eggs On Trivet

Using Trivet For Boiled Eggs

There are a few methods for cooking “boiled” eggs in the Instant Pot. You can’t simply toss the eggs into the water and hope for the best. You’ll wind up with broken eggs!

You can use a steamer basket or prepare them in the trivet. This keeps the eggs still and reduces motion, so your eggs are completely cooked and don’t bump into each other throughout the procedure.

3. Pot In Pot Cooking

If you’re looking to utilize your Instant Pot for something like the perfect steamed rice, the pot-in-pot technique is ideal for you. You can use a glass bowl, stainless steel pot, or whatever else is strong and safe to utilize under pressure (ensure to double-check ahead of time!).

The trivet keeps the pot above the waterline, enabling even cooking and steaming. This technique is terrific for mastering meals like lasagna, bread loaves, flour cakes, and meatloaf dishes in the Instant Pot.

4. Steaming Vegetables On Trivet

Delicate veggies don’t take long in the Instant Pot. You likely know that things like cauliflower, asparagus, and broccoli only take around a minute to make if you’ve experimented. Completely steamed veggies are still a little crisp. Preparing them in the Instant Pot can be a gamble.

For fantastic texture and optimum nutrient retention, place your fragile vegetables on the trivet to steam so that they stay out of the water. A steamer basket will also work.

5. Trivet For Potatoes 

Using Trivet For Potatoes

Baked potatoes are a distant memory. Pressure cooked potatoes are in since the method is hands-off, the timing is quick, and the outcomes are great whenever. The trivet works to keep them out of the water, so the bottom of your spuds does not get soaked. You can use the trivet steaming approach for potatoes with both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes.

6. For Meat And Poultry 

Whether you wish to make an entire roast chicken for a rack of smokey BBQ pork ribs, the Instant Pot can be very helpful at getting the job done in half the time. And when it concerns cooking larger pieces of meat or poultry with the pressure cooker, having the trivet is vital, especially if you’re cooking the meat independently from the sauce.

Include a cup of water or broth to the bottom of the pot (you can even try out including some fine aromatic herbs, citrus fruit, and garlic to the liquid), pop the trivet on the top and nestle the rubbed chicken or a spiced beef brisket over it.

The trivet makes it easier to pull the meat out of the Instant Pot. Once it’s cooked or partially cooked, pop it under the grill or in a hot oven to get some color and crispiness, if required. Take a look at this simple whole roasted chicken from Recipes From A Pantry.

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