Abricott’s Restaurant Management Tips

Often, looking at the design of our restaurant, our menu and our finely made dishes, people as us about our restaurant management policies and how are we able to manage it so well. Do we face any problems in restaurant kitchen management? As restaurants quality is highly dependent on how its kitchen managed.

Restaurant and Kitchen Management Tips

Today, we are going to discuss our restaurant and kitchen management tips for the people who are inspired and are willing to start a restaurant of their own or are interested to know Abricott’s restaurant management skills.


While starting with the restaurant business, people try to start with something unique and innovative but, as the time passes, they try shifting or do not take that unique product more seriously. That is where we, Abricott, have mastered. We started with French-Vietnamese food and we have been delivering to our promise for 5 continuous years and will continue with it again!

Kitchen Management

The kitchen is to a restaurant what the heart is to a human body. It is critical for the kitchen to be clean, efficient and functional for any restaurant to triumph over their local competitors.

Maintaining an efficient kitchen, by extension, calls for hygienic practices, organised food waste disposal and top-tier kitchen appliances. We’d emphasize on the latter even more if only there was a bolder font available. You simply cannot work around with average kitchen tools when you’re at competition with restaurants that are relentlessly working to take your spot.

Given the dynamic improvements we witness in the food industry, we strive to include the absolute best tools that could help us improve even a tiny bit. Our quest keeps us on a constant research for innovative appliances through online resources and expert appliance review publications including Consumer Reports, Best Kitchen Buy, Forbes and the likes.

Customer Experience

Food isn’t just about the taste, it has many more aspects nowadays like the look, smell, quality, style statement and many more things. When a customer is happy with the overall food quality, he spreads the word-of-mouth to others and invite them to the restaurant.

These days half of the income that people earn is spent on the restaurant food items and when we, as a restaurant, deliver the best food like our popular dish yellow curry with chicken, and try to enhance and maintain a good customer experience for our food.

Prioritizing on Staff retention

The chefs and waiters are the face of the restaurant as the waiters directly meet the customers and chef indirectly with the food’s taste. Continuously changing the staff creates an altering customer experience which in turn reduces the customer satisfaction. So, retention of the same staff is important for a restaurant.

Also, the training that you provide to upgrade food service manager skills, also have to be repeated every time you recruit, this increases your restaurant costs.

These are the things that we do for our business. Let us know if you have some more things to add to this.

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