“We are back with your favorite restaurant!”


Abricott Restaurant Pasadena, the beloved French-Vietnamese restaurant of everyone around. We, Jo and John Wee, are back with a better menu. Our authentic French cuisine with a Vietnamese influence that includes omelets, croque-monsieur, waffle, and eggs with toast in early hourns and along with that, we also offer nicoise salads, yellow curries, pho, mussels, benh mi and burger.

As you all loved the interiors previously, we tried keeping it almost the same with tons of books, cozy and warm feel, an outside patio for an updated and modern welcome. All our French-Asian dishes will have Vietnamese dressing with a light and tangy finish.

You come from any place around the world and with anyone, you will enjoy the meal at an affordable price. You can carry your own beverage bottle while you enjoy your dinner here.


Abricott’s Restaurant Management Tips
Often, looking at the design of our restaurant, our menu and our finely made dishes, people as us about our restaurant management policies and how are we able to manage it so well. Do we face any problems in restaurant kitchen management? As restaurants quality is highly dependent on how its kitchen managed. Restaurant and Kitchen Management Tips Today, we are going to discuss our …
Abricott’s Customer Favorite Dishes
Abricott is a fusion-heavy menu that consists of French cuisines with Vietnamese influence. We prepare different fusion dishes like Vietnamese-style Platter of two eggs, crispy waffles, oatmeal, tofu, and many such dishes. Celebrated with different innovative menu dishes, some dishes of this restaurant are popular and very well taken by the customers. One of our most popular fusion dishes is Yellow Curry with chicken that …

Abricott Pasadena Menu

We have different Abricott menu for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner. We serve breakfast until 3 P.M., Lunch from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. and Dinner time starts from 7 P.M.

Reservations and Catering Orders are taken. Email us at: [email protected]

238 S. Lake Ave. Pasadena CA 91101 T: 626-796-1613 F: 626-796-1748